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Seth Goldstein is the Principal Creative Director of Goldstein Media, based in Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Seth has been designing Websites and helping companies with their digital marketing needs since 1998. He currently specializes in SEO, WordPress Web Design, Email Marketing, and Social Media Strategy for clients of all sizes and makeups.

Technology runs through Seth’s veins. He loves all things digital and tech related.

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Shannon McGill has stared down the adventure of entrepreneurship more than one time. A self-described “Champion of Failures” she has learned that growing a successful, freedom filled and financially flourishing business takes more than the fabled entrepreneur can-do spirit and work ethic. 

DIAM Business Consulting is her solution to the lack of resources small business leaders often find themselves struggling from. Her insight is born from personal experience and her opportunities in assisting other small businesses in the growth process. 

Shannon is a mom of three teenagers, a lover of life’s experiences, and an unabashed travel junkie.

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