LinkedIn Is Like Fishing

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This is a short post today and stick with me here. It will make sense.

Follow through Is key when using LinkedIn or any medium. It’s like fishing. If you put out the right bait and catch something, you reel it in. You don’t just let it sit there.

It’s the same on LinkedIn. If you reach out and connect with someone on LinkedIn or any platform for that matter, and you get a response, don’t leave the person hanging, respond back and engage.

Recently, I got a connection request from someone that intrigued me. At first I thought, it’d be a good connection to have, then I decided to reach out and engage…. crickets. Not a good thing. But instead of giving up, because I realize we’re in a strange time right now, I sent another message, and now I’m waiting.

Social media takes work. It’s not a set-and-forget medium. But if it’s done right the dividends are worth the time put into building up your presence and engaging.

Thoughts? I’d love to hear them. Thanks to my good friend David Birnbaum for inspiring this take on his fishing analogy.

Photo by Brent Keane from Pexels

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