Episode 27 – Google Analytics for Small Businesses (Rant Included)

Episode 27 – Google Analytics for Small Businesses (Rant Included)

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Hey Everyone! Welcome to another episode of the Digital Marketing Dive Podcast. I’m Shawn Swaim of Shawn Swaim Consulting and the self-proclaimed king of the Internet. With me as always is Seth Goldstein, the Creative Director of Goldstein Media.

This week we’re talking about practical Google Analytics for Small Businesses.

  • Before you dive in, understand there is a TON of data in there and it can be overwhelming. The  purpose of this episode is to narrow down the data you look at so that you can make better informed decisions without wanting to pull your hair out.
  • Traffic by Source – look at what area is getting you traffic compared to previous time frames
    • Side note… it’s important to make sure you look at this information in a realistic time frame. For example, if you compare January to the pre-holiday rush, it’d be depressing.
  • Bounce Rate/time on site – if people are leaving right away, you know that your message is not resonating. This is where we go with that ol’ school “gut” metric. If you don’t think your website looks good, your audience probably doesn’t either. Put yourself in their shoes.
  • Traffic by Landing Page – This is an easy way of identifying what is and isn’t working on a molecular level. This is an indicator of SEO success as well as acting like a magnifying glass to what needs to be improved from a content perspective.

This week we’re doing our favorite Internet finds:

Shawn: Instacart (fuck going grocery shopping)

Seth: The Creative Curve by Allen Gannett

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So that’s it. It’s been fun! See you on the flip side!

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