Episode 32 – Season Finale – So Long Shawn and Thanks For All The Fish

Digital Marketing Dive
Digital Marketing Dive
Episode 32 - Season Finale - So Long Shawn and Thanks For All The Fish

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the last episode of Season 1 of the Digital Marketing Dive. I’m Seth Goldstein, from Goldstein Media, with me, for the last time before he moves on to greener pastures is the KING OF THE INTERNET himself, Shawn Swaim of Shawn Swaim Consulting.

Shawn, we’re going to miss you buddy, but we’re happy you’re so busy. You’ll come back and visit we hope. Pretty please a cherry on top!

Today is a special episode. This is when we pass the co-host baton to Nicole Hallberg, aka Nicky. Nicole is a content marketer and copywriter based in the Philly area. At night she fights poor use of grammar as a superhero known as Grammar Girl.

As many of you know, as I announced Nicky’s involvement at the end of February.

Welcome Nicky.

This week we’re talking about the power of content in your digital marketing.

This week we’re doing our favorite Internet finds:

Shawn: Legends of eCommerce – NEW Podcast! Ohhh shiny!

Seth: 4K Stogram

Nicky: Daylio

Well that was fun. As always please give us a review in the podcast directory of your choice. We’re all of the major directories. We also want to hear from you. Email us at hello@digitalmarketingdive.com. Leave us questions, comments, critiques, rants, you name it. If you don’t want us to read the note on the show, please tell us, because we probably will!

So that’s it. It’s been fun! See you on the flip side!

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