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With Seth & Nicky

A Podcast About All things Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Dive is a podcast hosted by Seth Goldstein & Nicole Hallberg. Every 2 weeks they talk about all kinds of topics having to do with the digital marketing space. Tune in to learn more.

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Seth Goldstein is the Principal Creative Director of Goldstein Media, based in Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Seth has been designing Websites and helping companies with their digital marketing needs since 1998. He currently specializes in SEO, WordPress Web Design, Email Marketing, and Social Media Strategy for clients of all sizes and makeups.

Technology runs through Seth’s veins. He loves all things digital and tech related.

Nicole “Nicky” Hallberg is a content marketer and copy writer. She is the owner of a small boutique content marketing agency in suburban Philadelphia.

Nicky brings a well rounded perspective on digital marketing.

When not writing or talking about marketing, Nicky likes to crochet, drink craft beer, and be harassed by her kitties.

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